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Seouls new tourism slogan

Hi! Seoul, Soul of Asia

...this is how tourists from all over the world are welcomed from The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) in the capital of South Korea.

But this slogan seems to fit not well to every visitor in Seoul. Especially for the biggest tourist groups in South Korea, the Chinese, this slogan must be very inappropriate.

Isn`t China the core center of Asia? This could be an offense for this kind of patriotic tourists.

For whatever reason, the Seoul Government announced a public contest to find a new slogan for the city.

On the 28th October they introduced the final three slogans out of 18.000 submissions.


  2. SEOULing

  3. Seoulmate

Let`s be honest. The former slogan was not a big hit. But is this really an improvement?

THIS is really the best of the best? Then how bad must be the other 17.997 slogans?

This is the old slogan and logo of Seoul.

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