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Communication in Space,Urban Public Space


Architecture,Urban Public Space Interior Brand Architecture,Szenography,DIisplay

Typography for Space

"We are not only focused on design. We think further the design aspect. Therefore we work togehter with architects, programmer and marketing experts. Despite that we have connections to different countries like Germany, Japan and China. Mulitplay and implementation are our qualification key points. Both commercial and uncommercial projects have to go through almost the same work process within our team. However the presentation in the end differs."

Communication in Space, Exhibition, Interior, Urban Public Space, Szenography

Germany is world famous for its huge variety of exhibitions and fairs. We got infected by the fair virus and are eager to work with public and exhibition design projects. Many things play an important role in the area of fair and interior design. However, the human part has to be considerd the most important aspect. People should feel comfortable in the environment and love to stay at this place. We help you with creating an exciting and unique environment to represent your message and identity.

So we do projects like booth design for fairs and exhibitions, public installations like playgrounds or outdoor installations for shops.  


Visual Communication, Brand Identity, Graphic, Urban Graphic 

Print, Publicing Editorial Design, Poster Design, Web Design, Corporate Identity, Graphic for Outdoor Advertising

Graphic Design is the foundation of any well done advertising. It affects poster, logo creation, leaflets or development of an own typography. Graphic Design is the basis for your impact to the outside world. It should be authentic and fresh at the same time. 

Our portfolio includes logo design, print and online advertisment, poster and magazines. 



New Media, Audio Branding, Audio for Space

Visual Audio Logo, Audio Guides, Sound Branding, Naming Concept,Translation

New Media has broadend and created a fresh view of design. From youtube channels, soundcloud to twitter, facebook and so on. We focus on the experimental side of New Media. We create

sounds and melodies for websites, we record audio guides and we use a mix of old and new techniques and equipment. 

Cubase, RODE Broad caster, NT1,Rrocaster, Steinberg MR816, UA-44,ECHO Audio Fire 8, Beringer Europack UA12ch Mixer

YAMAHA CS6X, ROLAND jx305, KORG MS-1, Kaoss Pad 3, VSTI


Audio guide - german 

Kunst mit Licht - germany

Brand Research, Brand Image, Social media.

Colours, forms and styles are perceived differently in each culture, gender group or generation. It might be the first stept to do specific research once you present your brand or product

in a new country or a new target group. To support you with design and desicions we provide research via surveys and online investigantion. We also generate infographics for company leaflets and webpages. 

Our Projects in Germany

100 Beste Plakate e.V (Berlin)

Projects in Korea
 Projects in Japan
die stadt berlin und seoul 
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