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"The only revolutionary power is the power of human creativity. The only revolutionary power is art."


     (Joseph Beuys, German action artist)




Which value has design and art?

In todays global networked world where ideas are spread so fast and design and art can be dublicated so easily.


Which value has creativity nowadays and in the future?

Joseph Beuys citation is making the point. Art and creative thoughts have a lot power, which can change the world from one day to another. This thought is driving us. We want to be a part of moving the world and changing it for the better. Since good design and great ideas will convince in the end. 


Our design concept is simply based on harmony. Harmony is created through the balance of opposites and excactly that challenge is driving us. 

We are always searching for new possibilites and like to play with new media and techniques like sound and light. Sound and light are difficult materials to capture, they can be strong, soft or transfluent. They seem nothing special, but sometimes this detail is changing everything. 


Volute Design  consists of a team mixed with Korean and German team members. Founded by a team of two: a creative head from Seoul and a German, who is in charge of Project Coordination and Management.

Volute Design started in 2010 in Nuremberg, Germany and moved to Seoul, South Korea in January 2014. We also cooperate with many partners both in Germany and Korea.

This is our advantage: familiar with East Asian and European design and customer preferences.




Follow us on Volute Facebook account to get to know us even better. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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