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Hannover Messe 2018 Review 하노버메쎄 리뷰 (영문)

Hannover Messe

is one of the world`s largest and leading trade fairs. It is located in Hannover, a German city about 300 km from Frankfurt.

The fair has a long tradition. It started in 1947 and was expanding since then. Now the Deutsche Messe AG is organizing various fairs, e.g. the CeBIT, which covers all about information technology and the Hannover Messe, which showcases all areas of industrial technology.

This year the fair was held from April 23 to April 27 under the slogan „Integrated Industry – Connect & Collaborate“. Altogether 210.000 visitors were at the fair. Topics like Machine Learning, AI, Industrial IT-Platforms, the extension of the power supply system for electromobility , the use of robotics and autonomic systems in production and intra logistic. Also the part of humans within the ..... was intensely discussed.

Some other main topics were:

- The newly adopted EU Circular Economy Package contains higher binding recycling quotas for municipal waste. To ensure that plastic packaging is increasingly recycled in the future, the sorting process must be improved.

- Fraunhofer and BMW build autonomous transport robots.

- Automotive industry leads the way with smart factories. No other industry invests more in smart factories than car makers. This will pay off in increases in productivity in the billions by 2023.

- Digitalization also achievable for smaller businesses. Many small companies shy away from taking the big step towards digitalization and networked automation. But family business Hofmann has shown that taking even several steps can lead to the ultimate goal.

- GM combines generative design and 3D printingGeneral Motors will in future be using Autodesk software, which leverages artificial intelligence to generate design alternatives for lightweight components. These components will then be produced using additive manufacturing processes.

- The adhesive technology for solar cell interconnection is market-ready. In the joint research project “KleVer”, the Fraunhofer ISE and teamtechnik have developed adhesive technology for connecting silicon solar cells. The technology offers a material-friendly alternative to soft soldering interconnection technology.

- Laser data transmission now capable of 13.16 terabits per secondThe DLR and ADVA have set a new world record for optical free-space data transmission: 13.16 Tbit/s. At this data rate, every printed book in the world could be transmitted in approx. 30 seconds.

- Persistent drone capable of flying for one yearTwo British companies develop a drone capable of flying for one year, thanks to lightweight solar panels. The first test flights are scheduled for 2019.

The next fair will be held from April 1 - April 5 2019.

Volute helps you from the beginning to the end with all the steps from application, concept, planning, management, realization to design.

We also give you helpful advice for any fair project and your stay in Germany.

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