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Volute의 주최.주관" 100 beste Plakate in Seoul * 100 best poster in Seoul 주한 스위대사관,주한독일대사관,주한 오스트리아

“100 Beste Plakate 2015” exhibition was held at the Korea Foundation Gallery

in Seoul, South Korea from August 12th until .August 27th .2016.

Together with the club 100 beste Plakate e.V. based in Germany we worked on this exhibition.

Every year this club is announcing a competition within the three German speaking countries of Germany, Switzerland and Austria. There is no given theme, the only requirements are that the work must be a product of graphicdesign and it should have been created within the recent or last year. The competition gained more and more reputation over the years and now is the most relevant competition in this field. Most of the 605 submissions came either from single designers, design agencies or students.

After the winners are announced the competition is displayed in several cities like Berlin, Nuremberg, Vienna, Lucerne, Essen.

This year the exhibtion was displayed in Korea for the first time.

We were also supported by the embassies of Germany, Switzerland and the Swiss Culture Fund and Austria.

Also we found supporters by the Gwacheon National Science Museum, which provided us with installtion material and Samwon Paper, which printed some of the posters for us.

All of the design, installation and organisation was done by Volute and its team .

We wanted to bring this exhibtion to Korea because we think that Korean design is highly related to "Western design". And because we want to strenghten the fresh mind of young and independet artists and designers to indentify their own style and not go with the trend.

Therefore we wanted to show these examples of mostly free work, which are not a result of big companies and their requirements, but the original ideas of the designer itself. And there you can see, which surprising and innovative motives and techniques can be used in graphic design.

With the exhibtion we wanted to start an exchange and communication between designers and people, who are interested in graphic and design.

Our aim is to built a platform for Korean designers to help and inspire each other and not to compete and chase after the international trends.

For us it is important to be open for everybody, every opinion and background. That also a reason why we wanted to be this exhibtion free of charge.

Because the Korean culture scence is very excluding and as an independent designer it is almost impossible to develop any further.

We hope that we can continue with this project and find more people, who want to join.

If you are interestend, please contact us.

Audio Guide, we provided during the exhibtion. Information about the exhibition background and more.

Video and Paper display we did in this exhibtion. The video shows small peeks inside the daily life of an designer.

Second video installtion, which shows information about the 100 best poster club and the other exhibtions in Nuremberg and Vienna.

Infographics about the daily life of graphic designers in Germany and Austria.

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